Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PÖllÖ & Buho - Pack of 4 Blank Cards

While going on a spring cleaning adventure I found in the archives some PÖllÖ & Buho blank cards I had produced when Andy and I had made our little animation a few years back. Sometimes I think I hoard way too much so have decided to put 9 limited edition postcard packs (which includes the 4 seen in the above image) up on my Etsy store.

The animation was very much an experiment but if your interested in watching here it is. It was exhibited along with the characters as part of a group exhibition curated by Mim Kelly called Refab at CraftACT.

Monday, August 27, 2012

NWNP Closing

(Installation shot of NWNP as you enter the gallery space)

I have cheekily stolen my post from over at Needle Work Needle Play but I basically wanted to say the same thing!

Well after months of planning we packed up Needle Work Needle Play in about an hour last Thursday! Thanks to everyone who came and saw the show, wrote about it and supported us. For those who couldn't make it to Melbourne I have included a selection of photo's from the exhibition so you can see what it looked like however there are many more to be found here on Flickr.

Once again all images are copyright of the artists and please if you want to use any of the images be sure to credit it back to the artist. Photography done by Andrew Altree-Williams. 

(Al Munro - Crystallography)

(Al Munro - Crystallography - detail)

(MaricorMaricar - Installation Shot)

(MaricorMaricar - Needle Work Needle Play)
(MaricorMaricar - Needle Work Needle Play detail)

(Carly Altree-Williams - Silently By Your Side)

(Carly Altree-Williams - Silently By Your Side)

(Haeli Van Veen - Installation Shot)

(Haeli Van Veen - Sergio detail)

(Haeli Van Veen - Ruth-ann detail)

(Cat-Rabbit - Installation Shot)

(Cat-Rabbit - Portrait of a Squish-Faced Cat)

(Cat-Rabbit - A Squish-Faced Cat)

(Evie Barrow - Sweater Collector Paul & Luke)

(Evie Barrow - Sweater Collector Luke - detail)

(Evie Barrow - Sweater Collector Paul - detail)

(Demelza Sherwood - Liz)

(Demelza Sherwood - Liz - detail)

(Gemma Pobjoy - Installation Shot)

(Gemma Pobjoy - Hiding in the Animal Kingdom #1)

(Gemma Pobjoy - And the Rabbit)

(Emma Greenwood - Installation Shot)

(Emma Greenwood - Printemps detail)

(Emma Greenwood - Argyle Hero detail)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Needle Work Needle Play - Group Exhibition on Contemporary Embroidery

Well it has been months in the making but I am finally days out from the opening of the group show I've been organising Needle Work Needle Play! It has been alot of hard work but fantastic meeting so many awesome artists and would like to say a big thanks to them for participating in the show and putting up with all the annoying emails I sent them. 

I might also make a few special mention thanks to Emma Greenwood for coming up with the awesome show title, MaricorMaricar for designing and stitching the title and Evie Barrow from Handmade Romance for designing our digital invite.

We have had some great press in the lead up to the show including articles on and the Frankie Blog. I have also been doing an artist feature series over at our blog so to find out more about all the artists involved click here.

Lastly, here is a little sneak preview of the work I have made for the show - I am so happy to have finally finished it! The show will be opening Friday 10th August, 6pm at the Brunswick Street Gallery.