Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knitting Obsession

I am currently on the journey of teaching myself to knit and I am so determined to figure it out! I am desperately wanting to knit a cardigan one day for myself and have never been one to have amazing patience with things like this or very technically minded (which is why machine embroidery suits me fine!). Anyway to my own amazement I can now do a rib, stocking stitch, add stitches and minus them thanks to my mum's advice and also my friend Liv (who revealed to me why my stocking stitch wasn't working - thread on the back for plain and thread in front for pearl - thanks Liv!).

Above is a random experiment trying out different things and below is my attempt at a triangle and a square which starts off as a triangle. I am having a knitting high obviously but there have been many many lows!


Olivia said...

Wahoo!! what you have in that first photo is a sampler, and you should frame it. Lovely texture there. Good on you for persisting and I'm so glad you're finding it rewarding.

(Have you gotten on to yet?)

Carly said...

Thanks Liv - I couldn't have done it without you! Although I think I am still a long way from figuring out a pattern. Haven't seen ravelry before but will definitely go check it out now!